Friday, August 15, 2008

City Fiesta & MBC Be The Star

Oh boy, we won both competitions. I swear to god.

The first was today, when we went to City Mall, me and my friend, to take part in a competition - something like a treasure hunt. We were given clues, in the form of logos, for a shop in the mall and were told to find those shops to get more clues.

All in all it was great fun, the hard part were the questions we had to solve, some really puzzling riddles, like the penny, nickel and quarter, but my brother was at home and looked on the Internet and got us the answer - you could ask for help from anyone, it was part of the game.

Judge time came, after five hours of writing and running, and me and my friend had got second place, thanks to god. The prize was a great 200JDs in vouchers to be spent in City Mall. So that means 100JDs each. :)

I still haven't spent anything from them yet, but I'm sure I'll find something to spend it on.

Anyway, as we were waiting outside of City Mall, waiting for our parents, he said that he wanted to tell me something. He reminded me of our film, which we did a few months ago, and I blogged about. Well, he turned out to have submitted it to Be The Star competition a month ago.

Little did he know that it had uploaded and gathered a whopping 1019 VIEWS!!! It was first place in all of the competition and we had won. Oh I jumped for joy so much, people started to look at me from their cars as if I was crazy.

I made him swear to god that what he was saying was true, and he did so many times he got angry. Anyway, he had got a call from Dubai saying we had one. We have to send them a CD of the movie and they will send us the prizes.

Oh I am happy. Happy, happy, happy. Alhamdullilah, of course. :D

Now, how did they jump over the moon? ...


  1. hehe great job man congrats
    keep it up cuz im freaking mad at u for telling me that u won 1000, so screw u for that and abt bad boys, qais should get something for it :)

  2. Congratulations Khaled..Iam so happy for you:)

  3. Congratulations Khaled..Iam so happy for you:)

  4. nice job and congrats Khaled ... a nice feeling to win and you deserve :)

  5. hello man! congratulations ! i want to say that i won too in the BE THE STAR COMPETITION but MBC still not contacting me.. what can I do to receive my prizes ? thanx for answering my question !