Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Airplane Crashes

First it was an Air France plane.

Then a Yemeni plane.

And now an Iranian plane.

All crash shortly after take off and (almost) everyone on board dies. This calls for a united force of Arabs sitting at their computers making up conspiracy theories! Possible theories some idiots will conjure up will either be related to doomsday, Israeli conspiracies, or the Bermuda triangle.


  1. Oh, Khaled, I never thought of that, but you are so right!!!

    See? Things are looking up in this part of the world!

  2. LOLm people everywhere likes to find something make them speak more and more and more blablablablabla.
    I say always:"haik maktob" eno 5alas it's done.
    Wish all to protect all of us :) o enshal;lah ma 7da beshof shar NEVER

  3. There will be a lot of crazy theories out there, but one thing is for sure... aliens, enough said.

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