Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Terrorists Win


One of the best passive aggressive notes I seen in a while. What a rather creative way of getting people to replace toilet paper. Then again, I imagine it must be a pain when nature calls and there is no toilet paper in sight. Oh, dear.

Now, imagine the Jordanian version of this note. Post your version in the comments below. The best one will get a pat on the back! I have a feeling Garfan will win this one though.

If you don't replace the toliet paper rolls, you will be accused of cursing his majesty! Do you hate your entire family?


  1. if you don't replace the toilet paper wallahi la adrubak bi elshibshib, fahem wela la'???
    (the jordanian mum version)

  2. I don't have another version but I just wanna comment about that and say, they really know how to encourage themselves, they love their country and THEY already knew what would terrorists do if they neglects things.
    may be the arab version :"If you don't replace the toilet rolls, you are ************** " !!!

  3. In Mother Russia, the toilet rolls replace you, not the other way round.