Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Epic Failiure

The term fail on the web is given to someone that fails at something miserably. The internet is so dedicated to this kind of stuff, they've made an entire channel on Youtube for it.

Its somehow like home videos submitted to television but without the cheesy presenter and more times the fail. Here are a few hand picks from the fail blog channel that I thought were the best.

A guy finds no lemonade at Burger King and decides to call 911. If you've ever played GTA IV, you'll think this guy is Little Jacob.

When the letter 'b' is swapped with the letter 's', it can make catastrophic results. This man was giving a lecture and failed badly.

If you thought Mother Russia was bad enough, you should see Japan. Trains there rival India for craziness. Not for the claustrophobic.

This is what too much sports does to you. When you're talking about something very serious and someone comes and does the impossible.


  1. HAHA, I have seen them all before, here is something i think you will like!


    check out the full playlist here:

  2. Loved the video, thanks Nizar.