Thursday, July 2, 2009

Israel Inflicted Wanton Destruction

A report released earlier this day by Amnesty International details many war crimes carried out deliberately by Israeli soldiers during the twenty-two day war on the Gaza strip. Here are a few excerpts from the news articles describing the war crimes. I leave it to you to choose if Israel will ever be punished for these crimes or if this report will collect dust in the United Nations archives cabinet.

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed using high-precision weapons, while others were shot at close range, the group Amnesty International says.

Amnesty cited evidence that Israeli troops put children and other civilians in harm's way "by forcing them to remain in or near houses which they took over and used as military positions".

Amnesty said: "Much of the destruction was wanton and deliberate, and was carried out in a manner and circumstances which indicated that it could not be justified on grounds of military necessity."

It says "disturbing questions" remain unanswered as to why children playing on roofs and medical staff attending the wounded were killed by "highly accurate missiles" whose operators had detailed views of their targets.

The document also gives details of several cases where it says people - including women and children posing no threat to troops - were shot at close range as they were fleeing their homes in search of shelter.

Although rockets fired by Palestinian fighters from the Gaza Strip rarely caused casualties, they often sowed fear and panic amongst Israeli citizens and their use was "indiscriminate and hence unlawful under international law," the report said.

Amnesty said it found no evidence to support Israeli claims that Hamas fighters deliberately used civilians as "human shields" during the conflict.

[source: bbc news, al jazeera english]

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  1. As you said, it will just collect more dust.