Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boycott All Taxi Drivers

I call for a boycott of all taxi drivers. Enough of their filth in our cities and their cars in our streets. Even if it is a matter of life or death, you should rather die then take a taxi. This is because taxi drivers...
  • Feel superior to other human beings as if they were the chosen ones.
  • Will not stop for you unless you are a woman in your twenties.
  • Smoke so many cigarettes they are the cause of global warming.
  • Take showers and replace their clothes only on special occasions.
  • Consider their counter faulty if the price does not match their needs.
  • Can decide to go to only certain places if they wish.
  • Turn themselves in services and pick up several people to get more money.
  • Can decide to take only certain routes from one place to the other.
  • Think turning up their cars systems volume will make them cooler.
  • Transform their cars into their own personal homes.
  • Tell everyone their job is only a vacation from gathering riches elsewhere.
  • See nothing wrong in their manners and behavior.
  • Drive like they own the road and have built it with their own hands.
  • Scowl at you when you try to put on your seat belt that doesn't work.
  • Squash the passenger behind them so their highness can relax.
  • Hate you when, ironically, you are their source of income.


  1. *Turn themselves in services and pick up several people to get more money.
    This is the worst thing ever about Taxi drivers :( I hate when someone get into Taxi with me, I keep wondering should I wait others and why? I stopped, when driver stop to take someone I get out and pay for the current counter.

  2. Mohammad: Yes, the problem is if you stop to pick someone up the end price will be higher and it'd take a longer time.

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  4. I hate it when i stop a taxi, tell him where i'm heading and he replies with "sorry mesh be taree2i" ... shooo am i hitch hiking wella talbe tawseele be balash :S

  5. Bino: Never ask him - open the door, get in, and close it. Then you tell him and most of the time he will obey.