Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thinking of the next big invention is fun.

Especially when its in a boring Physics lesson. Our teacher was blah-blahing about how increasing pressure increases water's boiling point.

He also exclaimed that if we could build up enough pressure, we could make water reach temperatures very high.

He also suggested that if we could find a way to rise the pressure inside the pressure cooker so much, that it could reach the boiling point of oil, we could fry things in water.

It didn't take much more 'suggesting' to get me and one of my gaming friends, called Qais, to get our brains to start cooking.

Think, think, think. More thinking.

I guess the light bulb glowed a few times above our heads, then it turned back off again.

Then we had an idea - if we could heat water, and at the same time add more water, the air above it would decrease in volume, therefore building up more pressure.


Maybe. We suggested it to a few teachers, from different subjects, and they all seemed quite intrigued by the idea.

We also did some rough blueprint of what it would look like and its basics of work, in the picture below.

We finally decided to start building it in the summer holidays.

I can't wait!


  1. It seems awesome !
    If we fry things in water we do not have to worry about calories and wait anymore !
    Healthier FrenchFries, KFC and lots of other healthy junk :P

    Next time u start sth like this do not post ur blue print til u r done and u got ur rights reserved !!

  2. Oh my God! It seems my brother will lose his house this summer. Two Layers of Steel + Pressurized Water + Khaled = BIG Explosion

  3. i think the major problem will be in the size of the container you will need a huge amount of water added, therefore a very high vapor pressure , so you will need a good metal to resist explosion ( the ones used to keep nuclear materials will be good ;) )ma b3raf this is my point of view you have to study this project and calculate amounts... :) i think you are clever people we used not to think in school ;)

  4. Lost Within: Yes, that was what our teacher suggested as well. He is rather fat though so I guess he would like something like that hehe.

    Bilal: No, I'm going to do this at my friends home. Also we're thinking of putting an electric heater in, rather than a normal gas one since there would be a pipe going in and it'd be a bit of a mess.

    Wesam: Yes, nice suggestions. We were thinking of some light cement on the inside/outside maybe. It's all thoughts though, nothing real.