Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some Things Around My Desk

My desk is a horrible mess, and I don't know where to start. Hmm, let's see.

My Perfume

Adidas, 2006, Special Edition, Victory League. I put it on at mornings before school and by the time I'm at school there's no scent left. What a disgrace of a perfume.

My Calendar

This was a gift from our school. I never look at it and I usually forget to tear off the days as they go by. Yet another waste of space.

My Dictionary

No, this is not any ordinary dictionary. This is a rhyming dictionary. Instead of giving you the meaning of a word, it gives you the words that rhyme with it. Useless now since we don't do anymore poems.

My Headphones

The solution to boredom. I need these for my mobile to do all sorts of things. This thing has smearings of hot chocolate, and I have no idea how they got there.

My Books

For dummies, my favorite series of computer books. I learnt both Flash and C++ from these books, whereas the PHP book was too bad and so I ended up learning it online, and I forgot about Visual Basic, although I might start it again in the summer.

My Microscope

Broken, damaged, lost. All that applies to some piece of this microscope. Sad really, it was a good device while it was still intact.

My Storage

This thing has so many names - usb, usb drive, flash, flash memory, flash disk, pen drive, pen disk. This thing is still useful though, even though this was bought at the time 1gb had just came out. I think it was around 80JDs.

Now that I've shown you my desk, how about your desk?


  1. C++ ! i couldn't understand this course well when i was at university, but its easier than visual basic ;) great Khaled ..

  2. My desk at work is tidy and organized. Here in my house, its a complete mess. I will ask Sarah to make it good.
    I have around 60 for dummies books if you like, pdf format.
    These days we have a lot of information at our hands but we don't have the time to benefit from it.

  3. My desk is neat in general.but you can see on it a vase,and tissues sack.Of course that is not their ordinary place..just keeping them out of Leen's reach.

  4. A geeky desktop, thought I don't see any math puzzles books...