Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Multi Tasking

My computer is having a fit now as its probably running the most number of programs in its life.

It all goes down to me having to edit (with my friend Omar), an English play that will be submitted to the ministry's competition. Our role in this play is the animators.

And what a hard job it is. I've just finished doing this horribly long movie beginning, thankfully the rest will be the play that was recorded on camera.

I insisted that the animation be done on Flash, since he had wanted the terribly simple and basic movie maker. I got my way, and he was thankful that I did when he saw the result.

I think I was going for a word-scrolling like beginning, all words that point to global warming, somewhat like the Jawwal advertisement on MBC.

I still have to do lots more homework, and it's already nine-thirty. Its a rough night for me.

Wish me luck.

(click on picture to expand it)


  1. Good Luck Khaled and Well Done. Maybe you should buy a Qudacore intel processor, they say that your life will be much easier.

  2. nice! we have to see :) i remembered your movie about 6a6a ! remember that i have to see it one day!