Monday, April 21, 2008

Project Euler

No place for those geeky neurons, up in your head, to start calculating? Need somewhere to put them to work?

You've found it.

Named after the famous and incredible mathematician, Euler, this website combines mathematics with programming, to provide a series of challenging problems that are only solvable by programming languages.

For example, try finding the 10001st prime using pen and paper. Or how about 2 to the power 1000, or how about the sum of the digits of 100 factorial?

Because of this, you must conjure up a programming language, to be able to solve this. The problems range from multiples of 3 and 5 under a thousand, to triangles containing the origin, and in total reach 190 problems.

There is a new problem published every week.

What are you waiting for? Go test your luck, and put those dusty old programming skills to work.

Go figure something.

For all those who have joined, my username is StormXI.


  1. Dude,keep going on
    I'm waiting you there
    Best Wishes, aboSamoor/EulerProject

  2. Thank you abosamoor, good luck to you too.