Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Hectic Thursday

I came back from school on Thursday, tired and wanting to relax, when my mobile rings.

Its my friend, asking me if I want to go out today. As helpless and tired as I am, I tell him I'll see if I can.

You see, all my friends find life at home the most boring place to be. They actually have computers, Internet, satellite and usually even game consoles, but they can never make those things enjoyable.

I only have a few things but find life at home perfectly perfect.

After a few minutes, which was plenty of time for me to consider the twenty two million considerations I must put into mind before even thinking about the actual thoughts I would think about going out, the mobile rang again.

I accepted, surrendering to the anxiety and jeer pleasure of staying at home, add to that the tiredness I had from a week of enduring school.

My parents weren't in, neither the mood nor had the energy to take me out by car, so I decided to walk to my 'very close by friends home'. Here, close by means a bit over two kilometers.

The weather was great and so I actually enjoyed the walk. It didn't seem so long. Actually, now I think about it, it was a bit long.

By the way, we didn't do anything that exciting at the mall. Other than being kicked out twice by the single celled security guards, then begging our way back in.

And that was how I spent my Thursday.

How did you spend your Thursday?

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  1. Working, as i had some work to handover on Saturday, so it was hectic for me too:)
    Enjoy walking while you can Khaled. Its a great thing and you will miss it when you start driving.