Saturday, April 19, 2008

Zain 5 Offer

I usually never take part in offers from Zain, usually because they are about international calls, or gimmicks, or too expensive.

However this one really surprised me. My friend Yazan was the first to show it to me, at school.

Basically, Zain 5 offers you the chance to talk to five numbers, that you choose, absolutely free for as long as you want, day or night. In turn, you only pay 1JD every week.

And yes, this is no catch, I have tried it out myself and it works.

My friend Yazan, to prove this actually worked, called Omar, who was sitting next to him, and started chatting with him.

Of course, this only works for pre-paid lines, not 'fatoora'.

Lets do the math, to see if the 1JD is worth it.

Since you pay, normally, 7 piasters per minute when talking Zain to Zain, and there are 7 days in a week, then you pay...

7 x 7 = 49

Since there are five numbers then...

49 x 5 = 245

We've haven't already went past the 1JD, we've went past 2JD!

And this is just if you talked for 1 minute to each person in a whole week. Lets say you talked to each one for 5 minutes in a week.

245 x 5 = 1225

12JD would've been spent and you only spent 1JD!

Ready to do the move? Call 1616 and choose Zain 5. Then call 1790, then press one, then to add numbers press 1, add the number and press 0, then repeat.

Please know that there is a 2JD fee for changing from normal to Zain 5, and that you pay for the first week after 7 days. (so if you converted today you'd pay next Saturday)

Get calling.


  1. ما شفت الحرب بين شركات الاتصالات الاسبوع الماضي؟ شركة أمنية 10 أرقام ب دينار واحدبالشهر بس.. بلال حكى انو الناس كانو بالهبل واقفين عالدور!!

    كيف بالعربي بالله؟ :)

  2. لا هذا العرض بس من أمنيه لأمنية و كم واحد عندو أمنيه؟

    لو أنو الناس جابت كلها أمنيه! الحياة بتكون أحلى

    والله العربي إمنيح بس لازملي كيبورد عربي! هاها

  3. I have a zain line but the problem is that most of my friends are on orange, and orange gave a nice offer as well, recharge and get the amount you recharge doubled, I recharged with 30 (I spend more monthly) and it is 60 now :) how cool is that?

  4. Seems nice.

    You should try charging 100JD, you'll get 200JD, then go off and sell it all to a friend hehe.

    But this offer is still better. Free calls, anyone?

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