Friday, February 29, 2008

How To Advertise

Some amazing advertisements from around the web. I'm sure you'll love these.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Israel, Palestine, Comic

"That was indeed a strangely accurate comic. Sums up things nicely."

[via bakkouz >> via digg]

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Book Worm Brother

I came back from school to find out that my brother had missed his morning bus.

Why had this happened? If you did not know my younger brother, you might not have guessed the reason for why this had happened.

Had he overslept? No. Was he watching TV? No. Was he stuck in the bathroom with extreme cases of constipation that lead his ears to malfunction? No.

He was reading a book.

Bibliophilia is the love of books. Accordingly a bibliophile loves books, but especially "for qualities of format". A bookworm loves books for their content, or otherwise loves reading in general.

That is my brother summed up. A bookworm. In fact, on his desk is a entire row of books, a small but crammed bookcase he has. And yes, he had read all of those books, many times.

In fact, he is reading a book in his bed right now, while I am writing this post.

My brother read the Deathly Hallows in a day. He read Snakehead in 9 hours. And I guess he has some other record breaking numbers of reading books.

The bookworm, my brother.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Egyptian Tourism

What happens when an Egyptian, being interviewed by a foreigner, gets mixed up between tourism and terrorism.

Reporter: Hello
Egyptian: Welcum to egybt

Reporter: Thank you. May I interview you?
Egyptian: Ofcors

Reporter: What's your name?
Egyptian: Essam

Reporter: Ok Mr. Essam. What do you do?.. Sorry.. I mean do you work?
Essam: Yas..i have koshk

Reporter: Koshk?... What is a Koshk?
Essam: small subarmarkot..u undurstand?..I sell cigarettes..boxes and fart

Reporter: Don't you think smoking is bad for people?
Essam: I dont hit beoble on zer hand and make zem we say here in Egybt..(ur brain in ur head..u know where u finish)

Reporter: I don't get it... but lets move on. How do you feel about terrorism?
Essam: Terrorism is good..we love terrorisms in egybt..they bring dollars to za cantry.. and zey all light we say here in egybt...nawwart -masr

Reporter: I am shocked to hear that!
Essam: NO NO..dont shock..we are like zis..and our fazarz waz like zis..we love terrorisms and make zem feel at home...becoz zey bring a lot of money to za cantry and guvurment

Reporter: Are you claiming that terrorists support the Egyptian government financially?
Essam: sbeak again bleez

Reporter: I mean, are you saying that terrorists are paying money to the Egyptian government?
Essam: Ofcorse zey bay...zey one of za most imbortant bay to za cantry..terrorists,and Sewiss canal and za high sadd in Aswan

Reporter: Oh my god.. that is very disturbing. Do you have any idea where they reside in Egypt?
Sbeak again

Where do terrorists stay in Egypt?
Zey love Sharm El Sheikh.. also Khan el Khalili to buy sofoneer and drink

Oh yes.. I can totally relate. We heard about bombings there a couple of years ago. Why do you think the police doesn't capture those terrorists?
Bolice here in egybt..very good..zey borotect terrorists very well..dont warry..dont zey brotect u?

Why do I need protection?
Because u r terrorist

Absolutely not!
u look like zem

Do I?
yas..wite clozes and no sbeak arabic

Sank u very much..

I'm sorry.. I'll have to end this now before it leads to more wrong information!
sbeak again

I have to go now!
No boroborem...

...You Light Egybt! :D

Monday, February 25, 2008

Characters At School

I've been thinking of a few people in my school, who have chosen different ways to continue their lives and gain an income.

The first person is my Religious Education teacher, also know as the Islamic Studies teacher. This man first graduated from university as an engineer.

Then, he went back to university a few years later, and went and chose to take Islamic Studies, and then later carried on to take a job in our school as a teacher.

Why did he make this move, you ask? In his opinion, he saw that teachers that taught religion in other schools where the least priority of the school, and the teachers themselves are university dropouts.

He wanted to make this change, and therefore he changed his position from engineer to teacher, in an aim to change kids paths to the right one.

Now we look at another character, this time just outside of school, a few steps from the south gate of our school. An old man, sitting in a chair inside his small corner shop, is the second person I am going to talk about.

This man has no other job to do, he just sells anything inside his shop to the swarms of students coming from the school, just next door. His shop is part of his house, and therefore barely pays anything for rent and such.

So, this man sits in his chair, selling packs of cigarettes to kids, and earning hundreds.

And there we go, two different people who have chosen two different paths to take in their lives. Who do you think will succeed? The teacher, or the old man?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Virgin Airline Uses Biofuel

On recent concerns on global warming, fuel running out, and fume worries, Virgin has made the first step towards helping the earth, by making its first flight using 'biofuel', a mixture of Brazilian nuts and coconuts. Take a look at the article pasted below.
The first flight by a commercial airline to be powered partly by biofuel has taken place.

A Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet has flown between London's Heathrow and Amsterdam using fuel derived from a mixture of Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts.

Environmentalists have branded the flight a publicity stunt and claim biofuel cultivation is not sustainable.

Earlier this month, Airbus tested another alternative fuel - a synthetic mix of gas-to-liquid.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson said the flight marked a "vital breakthrough" for the entire airline industry.

"This pioneering flight will enable those of us who are serious about reducing our carbon emissions to go on developing the fuels of the future," he said.

[Source: BBC News]

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OK, I'll Take Part.

Blog About Jordan Day

And there you go, I'm going to be part of Qwaider's idea of a blogging day, Blog About Jordan day.

For those of you that don't know about it already, the day is on the 12th of March, and on this day you must talk about your opinion on Jordan.

I have a few ideas on what I might write, and I'm sure it'll include my decision to admit that, somehow, Amman is better than London.

You'll see it all on March the 12th. Get thinking.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thy Shall Snow

Even though it hasn't snowed at all, and when it snowed all of the snow melted anyway, today it was holiday. And how better to spend a holiday than to write a blog post.

Now, hopefully at night the snow will start to gather on the ground, and we will wake up next morning to a white Jordan, and another holiday. Lets pray...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rawhi Is 2 Years Old

So yesterday was my little brother's birthday.

And the picture above shows Rawhi showing you his two tiny fingers and his big smile, in other words showing he is two years old.

How sweet! :D

Friday, February 15, 2008

Allah Knows // Zain Bhikha

Not Another Blog Is Back

Sorry for the delay in my daily posts, but my computer was having problems with opening, and I blame this mostly on Orange Internet. But anyway, today the problem has been solved and I have finally logged on ready to write a post.

So what better to start off with a few interesting headlines from BBC. You know, its really nice having your home page as a news website, such as BBC or Al-Jazeera. This lets your home page change all the time, and at the same time lets you know whats happening in the world.

And so, I've put a few nice headlines together. Enjoy.

* * *

The Prophet's Cartoons Republished In Denmark

It seems the 'free-speech' people will not learn their lesson (boycott, demonstrations, riots, death threats), and continue to publish the cartoons. This republish emphasizes the newspapers 'right to be free'.

Cars That Run On Compressed Air

Not only does this car run on compressed air, which does not release toxic fume, but only costs 2500 pounds (approx $5000). This car can be charged in only three minutes by another compressor.

Ghost Sighting In The UK

A roman soldier, as a ghost. Of course, if you believe any of this stuff you must have a loose nut in your head. The photos are obviously altered, but for the general idea of what was going on, check out the article.

I'm thinking of bringing one of these articles to my English teacher, but more on that later, if it ever happens.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How To Download Videos From Youtube

I'm actually surprised by the amount of people that still did not know how to download a video from Youtube, so they may then watch the video without internet access, or on another device such as a moblie for example.

Therefore, I will show them how to, and relieve them from thier misery.

If you want to download a video from IKBIS.COM, read my post on the subject!

Step 1: Go to your video, and copy the address.

Step 2: Go to the following website.

Step 3: Paste the address into the box, and press download.

Step 4: Click on the download button below that comes up and save.

Step 5: Now go to this website, and download the player.

Step 7: Open the player, then choose Yes.

Step 8: Open the video you downloaded.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Is There School Tommorow?

So here I am, sitting on the computer, peeling an orange and writing a blog post. But at the same time, I am thinking what will happen tommorow.

You see, the past two days have been a nightmare in terms of whether there is school and when the buses actually come to pick the students up. In short, it's a mess. Moreover, on snowy days few students show up. If the number of students goes below half, then the school declares the day off.

Now, as nice as this sounds, its rather fustrating for the student that has to decide whether to go the following day.

You see, if he went to school and found out he was the only one there, and was stuck there for another six hours, he'd do more than pull his hair.

Then again, its not as easy as it seems when you're choosing whether to go to school, or not to.

"To go to school, or to not go to school. That is the question."

Anyway, before we were interupted by these strange quotes, we were discussing what problems we face when choosing to go to school. The reasons for bunking a day of school are endless, like for example the weather, or an open day.

This time, its the "snow". And I put the quotes around the snow, because there is no snow. Its all gone and there is no reason to fear for your life and not go to school. All thats lurking in the streets are the piles of snow, that were left by the dumb bulldozers who have never heard of grit salt.

But, on the other hand, I have my mum who is forcing me to go to school tommorow, because she doesn't want me to stay in the house and make my eyes worse even more on the computer. Add to that the fact that I have stayed at home for the two previous days.

So, tommorow I'm going to board the empty bus and off I go to the empty school. Hey, maybe I'll find my friend and I'll go and play at his nearby house on his new Xbox 360 Elite. And, maybe not.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Meet Microsoft Surface

Imagine a table, that was your computer. You could place objects on the table, like your camera or your mobile phone, and you could interact with them with your finger.

Once you put a camera onto the table, its screen would show you the photos on the camera. With these photos 'on the table', you could make a photo bigger or smaller, manipulate these photos, or - if you had another device on the table - you could drag the photo to the other device and it will be sent to that device.

You could have a large surface on your wall, which you could use to view graphs or chart, and manipulate them at the same time. Not just would one finger drag something around, but two fingers would let you make it bigger or smaller.

Your dream has come true.

Microsoft Surface, is a forthcoming Multi-touch product from Microsoft which is developed as a software and hardware combination technology that allows a user, or multiple users, to manipulate digital content by the use of natural motions, hand gestures, or physical objects.

It was announced on May 29, 2007 at D5 conference, and is expected to be released by commercial partners in spring 2008. Initial customers will be in the hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, retail, and public entertainment venues.

The posibilities for Microsoft Surface are endless, from interactive living room table, to your bedroom changing wallpaper. Although this computer will find a place in homes eventually, but with its $10,000 price, Microsoft aims to sell it to places such as casinos, hotels & restraunts.

And to learn even more about this great new invention, I highly recommend you watch this video from Popular Mechanics while they test all the aspects of Microsoft Surface, as well as talk to the guys behind the idea.

The new future, with Microsoft Surface.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Jordan Maids In The News

Jordan is for once in the British news, BBC, and for the first time the word Jordan is used for the country and not for the stupid supermodel.

But this time, this news post is not going to make Jordan's popularity go up. It will go down. This is because it is talking about the bad conditions Phillipinie maids are having to go through, which most Jordanian citizens already know.

You should go to the actual article to read what it contains, but I'll add some highlights.

* * *

There are more than 150 women here who have fled their jobs.

"My boss [meaning the mother of the family] pulled me by my hair, she slapped me, she beat me, she pulled me crudely by my clothes and tried to put her slipper on my mouth."

Stories of physical abuse are common and some of the former maids say they have been raped.

One girl, who came to Jordan when she was 19, says she is owed four years' salary.

I started at 0600 and finally stopped at midnight. I was only allowed to eat once a day at 1200.

I was only allowed to take a bath once a week, on Fridays. I was only allowed to sleep by the washing machine.