Monday, March 10, 2008

Brainiac: Science Abuse

One of the greatest shows we have missed out on must be Brainiac: Science Abuse, or usually known as Brainiac for short.

This British show is an entertainment show where scientists perform experiments that wouldn't be done in your ordinary chemistry lab.

What makes the show so exciting is that it isn't another science lesson, but a rather interesting show that usually involves explosions.

These involve blowing up a car full of eight gallons of petrol, dropping a few grams of caesium into a bathtub, or blowing up a safe with a Challenger II tank.

Sometimes they take in Physics to the mix, such as potential energy which is when a lump of concrete is swung from a side to land just below another scientists face.

It is aired in Britian on Sky One, and if you want to get it here in Jordan, you can on Showtime. Jump over to Discovery Channel who sometimes air the show.

And if you're like me and don't have the money to pay for Showtime, just download the videos from Youtube.


  1. we have to show them our Pepsi_mentos exp. ;) i like experiments so that i studied chemistry

  2. 1) I'm like you, so I'll jump to YouTube. 2) I love this show. :D

  3. Wesam: pepsi and mentos is nothing compared to a tank blowing up a safe :) btw do you still have that video we did? ask bilal please

    Jasimd: Indeed :)

  4. i was kidding :) yes we do I've watched it couple weeks ago