Thursday, March 27, 2008

Career's Day

Today at school, a day named Careers Day was held.

Basically, what this day is about is that the school invites a few people to come and talk to the class. Not just any ordinary people, these are people who have jobs that will interest the students.

For example, today there were many employees who had come to our school. These included a lawyer, a pilot, a basketball player, an aircraft manufacturer, and some more.

Since all the students can choose whom they want to see independently, I chose to see the pilot and the lawyer. Nothing personal, I just seemed interested.

First up was the pilot, who was actually a pilot in the Jordanian Air Force. His presentation was rather nice, along with a few pictures to go with on the projector.

Sad thing that the videos he had brought hadn't worked. All in all, the pilot was good.

Next up was the lawyer, who didn't really wow me as much as the pilot. His voice was too low and he kept talking about the different courts, and reading to us the speech you must say before swearing to be blah, blah and blah.

I missed out on the basketball player, who turned out to be one in a famous Jordanian team. I'll get more information on him later.


  1. You remind me of school days when we invited some people and I chose to talk to the pharmacist (since it was my dream to be one, the dream that unfortunately I couldn’t achieve) there was a civil engineer and a dentist also, boring traditional careers ;)

  2. my stupid p.c showed me as anon. this is me wesam :)

  3. today was career day at my youngest brother school too.. O_o

  4. Anonymous: Ah, nice. so careers day is not new then?

    Wesam: What? I didn't understand?

    Maher: Really? How old is he?

  5. Ya zalameh! Being a laywer is the most boring thing in the world. Now the pilot thing is very interesting, i am sure.
    I wanted to study arabic literature when i was young, then i ended up as an Engineer!
    What do u want to be Khaled?

  6. i am the anonymous!
    it was not named as a career day it was an action we did before classes in(al 7essah al saba7ieh)this is one of the ideas we had, ask aunt Eve about it :)

  7. hmm he is 10th grade o bel ams.