Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yet Another Blog

I felt sorry for my friend who had made a blog a week ago and was trying hard to write posts to get to the lucky number 12, which is when he'd be allowed to enter Qwaider Planet.

He has been begging me to advertise his blog on mine for some time, and now I am going to do so out of the pure goodness of my heart. (hehe)

Surprisingly, his name is also Khaled but he writes it Khalid, and he is the first in my class, and I am the second. All the rest of the class are masha6eeb. (hehe #2)

Now lets cut the nonsense, visit the guys blog and leave him a comment. Let him get his two seconds of fame. (hehe #3)

His blog is called 'The Blog Name Goes Here'. But it will never defeat the ultimate creativity of a name 'Not Another Blog'. (hehe #4)

Argh, just visit it. Eft. (no, not hehe #5)


  1. darn u
    u make me seem like a begger dude

  2. Ok khaled, I did that. Now when will u pay me the 1 JD you promised if i visited your friend's blog?