Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From London To Jordan

Around four years ago, when I was in grade five, I thought up the idea of going to live in Jordan.

You see, our family always went in the summer holidays to Jordan as a way of going on vacation as well as seeing our extended family. The only thing was that we liked it. The problem with that was the life in Jordan was not the same.

I had seen life in Jordan as relaxing and calm. This was because I was visiting it in the summer, when there was no school. No wonder I felt so great at the time.

So my family took the final decision to move to Jordan. Of course it wasn't fully based on my idea, but I was the one that took the first steps.

Everything was sorted out. We had chosen a school based on our uncles opinions, which we later found out to be quite bad, and my father and mother had chosen their jobs.

Of course, everyone who tries to settle into a new country will know its not an easy job.

Neither was school.

But it all settles down, and you finally get to like the place you're in.

I mean, for one thing, the sun that you take for granted that shines on Jordan almost 300 days a year. Sunshine is one factor that helps fight depression, and it does not shine a lot on other countries out of the middle east.

If I was to say all the great things about the country I'm in, I wouldn't finish.

So next time you're in a prayer, remember to thank god for the country you are in.

Happy BAJO day.


  1. That is wonderful to hear. Bravo Khaled.. Mashallah 3alaik
    Congratulate your parents for having a wonderful son like you

  2. Happy BAJO Khaled :D
    it's amazing to see someone like you among us!
    your parents are so lucky :)

  3. Well said, young Khaled. You ARE a blessing :)

  4. It's funny, isn't it, how a place is so very different when you visit as a tourist than when you live there? I can imagine the culture shock would be most burdensome in school. Glad it's going better and so glad you shared your Jordan with us.

  5. Alhumdolelah. We are in a bless. Welcome to Jordan, Khaled:)

  6. Hey, how come I only saw this now??! I thought you were not going to write anything about it as every time I reminded you, you just grunted something incoherent!
    Anyway, nice post! The move was a shock to the system but now that we're in out third year here, it doesn't seem so bad :-)

  7. I hope your life will always be full of sunshine, warmth and happiness.