Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cigarette Packets

Today I was walking on the street that leads to the nearby corner shop, holding my five piasters that I found on the ground, that will buy my a packet of crisps that will fill up my stomach.

But today we come a bit late, and see the aftermaths of the maja3at of smokers. Except this day we saw a weird site. A whole pile of empty cigarettes in front of the shop lie on the ground.

They're all the same color and the same type. I wonder who smoked all these.


  1. Parliament!
    Best thing is to never even come close smoking! It SUCKS!

  2. Parliaments, my favorite kind... Well not anymore because now the packet costs around JD 2 so I switched to Marlboro. :D

    Err I mean smoking is bad, don't smoke. D

  3. I am surprised that you still can buy crisps for 5 piasters!. Ofcourse its all natural.

    Anyway, to answer your question, they came from someone's car ashtray. the best way to empty the ash tray in a car is to throw it in the street and then it will disappear by it self.

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