Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Drinking 2a6er

My aunt Wesam once sent in a comment, on the hot chocolate post some time ago.

She says that she always imagines me drinking 2a6er (a concentrated sugar solution, poured on sweets), and she has no idea why she imagines that.

I guess its because of the amount of calories I take in everyday, or maybe its my love of chocolate...

Hot chocolate with Kitkat. Ah, bliss.

...or maybe its because I put three teaspoons in my tea.

Mmm, I love tea. Never liked coffee though.

Who knows?


  1. 3 spoon on your cup!!!! i always imagine your family with a dish of some Arabic sweets like knafeh that is sinking in 2ater and when you have a piece you have to add more and more ! thats why i said that, i like chocolate sooo much, i guess my problem is with Arabic sweets which i hate so, and you the nabulsieen can't live without it!

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  3. that's why you're hyper most of the time! too much sugar intake.
    You know, I used to have 3 tspoons of sugar with my tea as well but i cut on that gradually. sadly my intake of sugar from other sources is still the same :) Khalas, the diet starts next week!!

  4. It seems all our family has this problem..We all like sweets and sugar , especially in Thursday nights.

  5. even me marrra a7eb elsahi :)<<< 3agooza

  6. Today I ate a piece of holbeh,and I remebered Wesam because it was sinking in 2ater!!yummmy!!

  7. I like kitkat chunky, but only if it's been in the freezer for a couple of hours. It makes the chocolate melt less in your mouth, so you can enjoy the cool taste without the stickiness!

  8. Wesam: yes three spoons, two is too little.

    Mum: Yes, the "diet".

    Bilal: Indeed, at teta we always eat 2ater related stuff.

    Sara: Whats sahi?

    Eman: Yum :D

    Hani: Yes, kitkat is nice. Actually its amazing.