Monday, March 24, 2008

A Piece Of Schake

I mean school, sorry.

Anyway, right now I'm doing some Math homework.

Of course, no circle theorem homework is interesting, and I say this with the strongest sarcasm, without a bit of music.

So, what better than the great, Lord Of The Rings soundtrack, that I downloaded one day from, err, sources... *cough* torrents *cough*.

It was a hefty 400 something megabytes, but because it is the best movie in the history of movies, I put it to download a few nights and it was done. LOTR I, II and III's soundtrack was on my hard drive.

Add to that The Perfect Hot Chocolate Drink ©, read this post for more about it, and you have have perfection.

I hope I'll be posting more often when I finish our mid-term exams.


  1. Mesh ma32ool! 400 MB for a soundtrack, its only a sound file, why so big?

  2. No its many sound files. Thats what soundtracks are, all the music from the film on tracks.

  3. You have a great taste, and for that I salute you. A perfect soundtrack, for a perfect drink. And well a perfect homework as well; it happens to be that I love math. :D

  4. Yes, math! The utter joyness of circle theorems, algebra and trigonometry.


  5. What kind of cologne is that ur using to hold down the pages of the most annoying book we own?

  6. Adidas, 2006, Special Edition, Victory League.

  7. 400 MB for a soundtrack is not that much. I have the complete recordings of all 3 movies, 10 cd's (!) There is one torrent that has them all in mp3 format and its only 1100 MB. I ripped all the cd's in original quality to my pc and that's 6000 MB xD