Friday, March 28, 2008


I bet I made you hungry already.

Today my mum was in a good mood and decided to make my favorite, pancakes. For those of you who don't already know what pancakes are, please find the nearest high place and throw your self off.

For those of you who do, thank god for knowing so. Anyway, back to my story.

Pancakes are served with toppings, that range from jam to honey to bananas, even butter maybe, or sometimes even pineapples.

Of course, you don't know Khaled, who drinks things worse than 2ater.

I put anything deep fried and smothered in chocolate (quote from fairy godmother in Shrek 2).

That is, I spread my pancake with Nutella, sprinkle some sugar, add some chopped bananas and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon. Ah, bliss.

I will bet you anything anyone with diabetes who ate this would drop dead on the spot. No offense to anyone who does have diabetes. But, er, you got the point.

Even my little brother/devil tried to make his own pancake, but I don't think he succeeded in doing so.


  1. 1st: yummy yummy!
    2nd: where is Raw7i's hair?!
    3rd: even though the pancake should be thinner but it looks delicious , I've to try the Nutella with banana , i am hungry..

  2. yummmmyyyyyy!!
    I love pancakes ! I just do so !
    but I never made one like yours I settle for the Syrup and sometimes I blend bananas in with it !
    umma try urs :D

  3. yummmmmmmmmmm. Biddiiiiiiiiiiiii

    If you heat up the chocolate just a bit it will taste even better. Try it! I LOVE crepes or pancakes with chocolate and banana.

    yummmmmmmm ..... biddiiiiiiiiii

  4. Sahtain!!
    try them next time with lots of walnuts or pecans and with a generous sprinkle of real honey!! yummy, i even made myself hungry for such a meal!

  5. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that pancake.


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  7. WESAM: I don't know. Gone somewhere, along with his brain as well.

    LOST WITHIN: I never tried the syrup, too expensive. I settle for this non-diabetes one hehe.

    7AKI FADI: Yes I will try that. What are crepes?

    SUMMER: Hmm, that sounds too healthy hehe. Maybe I'll try it one day.

    HANI: Either you're hungry or you have diabetes. Hehe.

    LORD: Not more spam, again. Grr.